What is a Multiple Surface Filling? Is it an Affordable Dental Option?

Published: 15th June 2010
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When you visit an affordable dental office, you shouldn't be surprised if your dentist finds a cavity every now and then. Believe it or not, there are several types of fillings that your dentist may perform in your mouth, depending on the tooth and how many surfaces need filled. Most of these procedures are categorized relative to your tooth's placement in your mouth, whether anterior (front) or exterior (back.)

But what are multiple surface fillings? Shouldn't all fillings be the same price because they are the same type of procedure? Understandably, the more surfaces the dentist has to drill into your tooth to fill the cavity, the more complex and expensive your filling will be.

Compare your tooth to a house with a front door, back door, side windows, and a roof. If your house's roof has water damage, you'll clearly see the damage on the roof itself. However, the water may have also seeped into the side walls of the house, where you can't see it. To best repair the house, the repairman will not only fill in and fix the roof, but he will also fix the sides of the house. To do the latter part of the job, he might have to come from the outside to fix the additional damage to the house.

Similarly, your tooth has a front, a back, sides and a top. If the top of your tooth is extensively damaged, your dentist may have to drill into the top as well as the sides of your tooth to clean out decay, attempting to do as little additional damage possible. Multiple surface fillings help your dentist avoid having to perform a less than affordable procedure such as a root canal.

If you have a cavity, make sure to get it taken care of as soon as possible. Allowing cavities to go untreated could force you to need more complicated, less affordable dental treatments later. You may want to investigate how you can find quality care for your oral issues with a discount plan.

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